Picture of a Ostrad



This is a Ostrad (frame number 2001).
Did you ever dreamed of going with a recumbent? Did you saw something like this on the road? Other people curse the folks who go so comfortable through the daily traffic jam. But I don't want to speak about people in stinking tins.

Ostrad is a bike shop in the centre of Berlin, in the "Prenzlauer Berg". The people are specialized on recumbents and touring bikes. It's a member of the VSF, Verbund selbstverwalteter Fahrradläden (Association of selfmanaged bikeshops) like the shop, where i bought my recumbent, the Fahrradies (paradies for bicycles) in Halle. You can find shops of this union in whole Germany and they can order most of the recumbents which you can buy in Germany and sometimes outside. Good service and advises are inclusive.

But now to the bike itself.

Specifications (my model)

Technical details

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